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Measuring instruments - Wireless sensors - Air conditioning/heating systems - Pumps and compressors - Boilermaking - Mining - Agricultural, forestry and construction machines...

Expert technical translation

Your business has its own specific vocabulary and we are very aware of this!
Thanks to terminology adapted to your field of activity and the documents you provide, we make sure that we find the right words that are suited to your business.

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HR - Marketing - Contracts - Intellectual property - Management - International trade - Training materials - Finance and accounting - Calls for tender - Insurance - Real estate, etc.

Your quality assurance

  • Guaranteed response within 24 working hours
  • Strict confidentiality with the signature of a formal written agreement upon request
  • A systematic audit with personalized advice to optimize your costs and deadlines
  • A personalized follow-up and a guarantee that deadlines will be met
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Information systems - Cloud - Electronic signatures - Hardware - Software - Networks - User and operator manuals - Websites - User interfaces - Online training...

Translating digital media

We are able to translate a wide variety of formats and file types:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, html, srt, json, rtf, xml…

Our price proposal is prepared according to your needs and your documents:
Format – Source and target language(s) – Number of words – Desired deadlines – CMS

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Luxury & Leisure

Tourism, Hospitality, Sports equipment, Cosmetics/perfume, Gastronomy, Horology, Vehicle equipment, Travel guides, Health Centres, Horseriding, Skiing, etc.

Translation, but not only...

We offer a wide range of language services to companies:
translators, but also interpreters, proofreaders, post-editors, copywriters…
as well as subtitling, transcription, transcreation, page layout…

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